Judo is the sport with the second highest number of participating countries in the world behind soccer. It is also the ultimate self-defence fighting form and is practised by males, females, disabled athletes, young and old.

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Judo improves body strength and core stability which will improve your balance


The child who, because of a balance problem is unsure of his/her body midline will normally have problems with left-right orientation. Judo helps with this

Lateral dominance

Judo encourages the execution of multidirectional skills, emphasising bilateral coordination development

Body scheme image

Due to overall body development, participants will achieve greater body image satisfaction

Motor control

Judo improves grip strength, back strength, and coordination, which develops gross and fine motor skills

Spatial orientation and directionality

The dynamic nature of judo encourages multidirectional skill execution, which develops 3-D spatial orientation to a high degree

Head Instructor

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Dr Louis

Judo Instructor

  • Awards: Protea Judo and Kurash; SA University colours Judo; Multiple Africa Champion; Commonwealth Judo Champion. PhD Sport Management

Judo Instructor

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Judo Instructor

  • Awards: Protea colours judo and kurash; 1st Dan black belt; 3rd Junior Africa Championships. 2nd Baltic Sea Championships

Judo Instructor

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Judo Instructor

  • Awards: Junior brown belt; ranked 2nd in South Africa
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